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What’s a Snowcastle and how is it built?

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Due to their playful character, Snowcastles are first and foremost designed for children from 1 to 12 years of age. These fun facilities are giant playgrounds made of snow. A further important aspect is their eye-catching appeal resulting from truly impressive dimensions: 5-meter-high towers and massive walls s add up to an absolute sensation. The Snowcastles are open to non-skiers, as guests may experience them by foot. A Snowcastle is also a sublime spot to take a break from skiing.

Every single Snowcastle undergoes several planning steps. Before the construction takes place, the project’s goals (including positioning and specifying target groups) are to be defined. The considerate and cautious selection of the right terrain and the ideal location within the ski area follows. This includes the inspection and measurement of the potential areas. Then, we approach the conceptualization and calculation phase: We conduct 3D mapping and rendering to ensure a profound calculation of all expenses. If all these steps are passed successfully, the build-up process can start.

For whom are Snowcastles designed?

Snowcastles are all children’s dream. These fun facilities are giant playgrounds made of snow and all offered attractions are particularly exciting for kids from 1 to 12 years. Common to all ages, however, is their eye-catching appeal resulting from truly impressive dimensions: 5-meter-high towers, massive walls and the corresponding presentation of the Snowcastles make them an absolute sensation and a potential “Instagram-hotspot”! The Snowcastle is that one attraction everyone keeps talking about after the skiing day – a total must see! Contrary to other Fun Mountain facilities, the Snowcastles are open to non-skiers as guests experience them by foot. Therefore, they are perfectly suitable for all the guests who wish to enjoy the ski resort and the mountains without skis.

All these points considered, Snowcastles are a great offer for anyone who would like to visit the ski area and the mountain, but who is seeking for alternative entertainment besides skiing and snowboarding. A Snowcastle further represents an ideal opportunity to take a break from skiing.

Terrain selection

Our technical supervisors visit the ski resorts and inspect – ideally together with the general management – all areas that might be appropriate for the new Snowcastle. The areas are measured, and all relevant data collected (lift accessibility, location within the resort, exposure etc.). Based on this information, different options for the basic positioning of the Snowcastle will be evaluated in detail and ranked according to preferences. With the help of these documents, the Bergbahnen (railway companies) then decide where the Snowcastle is to be situated.

Concept development & calculation

Once the terrain is found, we can move on to detailed planning. The ideal size of the Snowcastle will be coordinated with the Bergbahnen and, based on these agreements, an exact 3D plan of the installation will be drawn up. All necessary expenses and work steps – from the setup to the maintenance, machine hours, and amount of snow to the required equipment and branding – will be depicted in a comprehensive calculation. Now, the potential project is ready for inspection. Basing their decision on the exact budget and the profound planning, the client can now decide if and how the project will be put into action.

Since we are interested in long-term project development, cooperative partnerships with our clients and successful realization – and less in simply selling our competences – these working steps for new projects will be free of charge. We would be honored if we could plan your Snowcastle for you!


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